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Crash cushions- softening the impact

Tunnel entrances, Y junctions, bridge pillars, parapets, railings or masts: solid obstacles that are serious potential hazards to road users. Colliding with such an object often results in serious injuries or fatalities to vehicle occupants as they are subjected to enormous braking forces in high-speed frontal collisions.




The Product

Crash cushions can prevent the worst effects of road accidents. Their exceptional energy absorbing qualities and the excellent deformability of the individual segments protect vehicle occupants from the effects of direct collisions. Crash cushions are also used to protect sensitive supporting structures like bridge pillars or masts. Here they not only prevent casualties but also major subsequent damage to the structures.


Cushioning and redirecting

The number of installations requiring crash cushions has multiplied since the German RPS 2009 safety standards came into force. After allowing for the road conditions and space available at a specific situation, we customise the number, type and dimensioning of the cushioning segments to meet every requirements regarding, for instance, speed, type of vehicle and impact angle. This means we can guarantee that frontal collisions and side, off-centre impacts are cushioned. We stock all the leading manufacturer’s products that meet DIN EN 1317 which means we will provide you with the safest and most effective impact protection.