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steel safety barriers

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mobile steel safety barriers

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Roadworks safety and more with mobile steel safety barriers

A functioning road network needs continual repair and maintenance. The work often has adverse effects and can as a result be hazardous to road users. In particular, roadworks on multi-lane highways with a high volume of traffic therefore demand a safety system that is versatile and restraining.


Mobile steel safety barrier

Mobile steel safety barriers are the ideal solution for safety at roadworks. Their big advantage is their flexible construction: they ensure that the accelerating and decelerating forces exerted on the vehicle occupants in an incident remain bearable – and are only minimally deformed in doing so.

Additionally the installation of mobile steel safety barriers for roadworks safety is extremely simple: the barriers are pre-mounted in 12 metre lengths and can be quickly and simply assembled and dismantled. And they can also be speedily repaired after impact.

It also benefits traffic flow as it is only minimally disrupted because roads only have to be closed for a short time. A decisive advantage when, due to the roadworks, the traffic situation is already problematical.


From roadworks to the racing circuit

Mobile steel barriers are the ideal solution for safety at roadworks. The big advantage of the safety barriers we stock is their high degree of versatility and the comprehensive range of models. You can also profit from our experience gained in unconventional fields of application outside roadworks safety. Safeguarding industrial plant, providing event safety and safety at go-cart circuits are just a few of the references where the steel barriers have proved their worth.


Buy or hire

Whether it’s for a temporary roadworks or for a long-term solution to safeguard an installation with safety barriers, we would be delighted to send you a quote.